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Abel Furs started as a small family business producing hand-made fur products and accessories. It was established in 1994 in Siatista, Kastoria, the most famous city in the Fur Industry worldwide. The founder of Abel Furs, Mr Tolis Gogos, started his business at his home town Siatista with the vision to expand in Emirates, knowing that the future market was there. In 1999 he opened a new store in Dubai.

The quality of Abel Furs products, as well as their unique design, quickly put the Abel Furs Label in a high position amongst the biggest fur producers in the world. From that point on, the company grew very fast.

History of fur

Fur is one of nature's most alluring gifts, treasured for its beauty and intrinsic ability to provide warmth. A fur coat has always represented the ultimate luxury and the greatest object of desire.  Evoking a myriad of emotions, with a luxurious appeal that transcends time. A focal point in fashion, fur is also one of the most tactile materials, surprising designers and consumers alike with its versatility.

Greek Fur is considered the best of its kind and the city of Kastoria, where it is mainly produced, has been the world’s center of fur production for many decades. In Kastoria, fur isn’t produced massively like in China, however one can find there the finest crafted fur garments.

Fur first appeared in Kastoria between the 10th and 14th century AD, when Constantinople emperors and other lords wore it as a public display of high status. Fur trade started many centuries later, when fashion dazzled high societies in all of Europes major cities.

Moving into the 20th century, fur went through unprecedented popularity and KASTORIAN fur started being exported to all over the world. It was soon recognized as the highest quality kind of fur and became the trade mark of Kastoria. During the 80’s, several fur production small businesses started operating in the city.  Throughout the years Kastorian fur crafters passed their art from generation to generation. In our times mass fur manufacturing has moved to China, but the world’s finest craft fur garments are still produced in Kastoria.

Competitive advantage

Family tradition in fur production and co-operation with Italian and Greek designers give Abel Furs the ability to produce clothing of superior warmth and durability, in the best price-value relation. 

Why Abel Furs

Thousands of satisfied customers, beyond expectations service and quality, value for money, new ideas, continuous creation of innovative designs, state of the art machinery and customer service from knowledgeable staff who know exactly your needs. 

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